Hi guys, 

Goin on tour for the first time with my second album Grounded! 
The first tour will be between 1.11-11.11 in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The other tour will be in Germany between the 23.11-3.12 ending at the HEAT festival. It´s gonna be great! 
Other than that, just started working on my third album. Still in the songwriting phase but going to the studio in a couple of months. 

I´m so thankful things are rolling again. For a couple of years the music scene was standing pretty still for me and I almost gave up hope of finding a label in Europe. I´m glad I didn´t! 


War – Music Video

This is one of the most random music videos I ever made. While performing in Los Angeles I came across a directior, Niel Johnson. He wanted to work with me on future projects and making a music video was a great start to try it out. 
Without a script and a lot of improvisation we ended up in the desert for a day and as a result this music video was made. 

Latest News

The album Grounded is now available worldwide! Check it out on Spotify

Or get your own copy

Jessica Wolff - Grounded

My album is finally here!


My new album is finally about to be released the 17th of November!

This journey has been quite a roller coaster, and right now I´m doing the happy dance at the top. But it wasn´t an easy ride to get here. Let me rewind a bit and bring you back on the memorylane. 

After releasing my album in Japan, the plan was to release it in India and find a label in Europe.
We tried to combine the release with concerts in India and had a lot of maybies that eventually never happened. India is beautiful in many ways, but the paper work is a bit pain in the a**!

After being high on hopes and down on disappointments several times, the band eventually went on a break. 
It did break my heart and drove me nuts having my album on the shelf without having it released anywhere else than Japan.  

Being in a long distance relationship and not having anything holding me in Finland anymore I decided to move to the Dominican Republic, freedive, sing in bars on the beach and work as a Personal Trainer. 

Right after the decision was made I got contacted by a film festival in Los Angeles. They had seen me in a short film Eliza, and wanted me to go to LA to sing and do a sword performance, as well as host a Wellness seminar. 

Boom! The tied turned and all of a sudden you can see the city from the roller coaster again. 
I started preparing, said bye to everyone, gave away my big Boa Constrictor and packed 2 bags.
One for Los Angeles and one for the Dominican Republic where I was supposed to go straight after. 



The festival went well and met a bunch of weirdos and awesome people during my stay.
Still, out of a couple of 200, I only found a few I could trust. One of them was a producer, who invited me to do a small roll in his film. He also ended up making a music video for one of my songs on the album. We basically just went out in the desert one day with out a script and started filming. One of the best memories from LA! 




 During my trip I started getting second thoughts about moving to the Dominican Republic. I wanted to save my relationship and live close to the sea and nature, but at the same time it felt like I wasn´t done with my music and acting career. 

Before I even reached a conclusion my relationship ended like a crash in the wall. Instead of flying to the Caribbean I flew home with the tale between my legs wondering if I was a fish or a bird. I´m not gonna lie, that was the dark tunnel of the roller coaster. 

I stopped working with my manager abroad and was left with everything in my own hands. While trying to figure out my next step I kick-boxed a lot, got my snake back and started working as a personal trainer. 





Like my Kung-Fu master always tell me when I do jump kicks “you have to go down in order to jump high”. It´s the law of nature, and so I did. 

Before I knew it an Australian director, I met in LA, invited me to the film festival in Cannes.
Off I went and surprise surprise, he was very well connected in the music industry in Europe. He connected me to his friend who works for a label in Germany. During the trip I got to know both of them well, and they decided that one way or another we´re gonna get my album released!
Having people like that around you, who truly want to help you, is worth gold and diamonds, especially in this industry! 



A couple of months later I flew to Croatia to make a music video, met up with the same guys again and before going home it was decided that my album would be release worldwide through Metalapolis.

I had to hold on to the chair not to jump up on the table when I heard the news. Now I´m gonna stop the roller coaster for a good while and enjoy the city view from the top!






Love Me Like You Never Did Before

Hi guys, 

Here´s a live studio version of “Love Me Like You Never Did Before” that I recorded with the songwriter himself, Jay Lewis, the pianist from the “Yö” band as well as my bands guitarist, Sebastian Lindqvist.
Also big thanks to Jani Viitanen, the studio engineer.

Snake Feeding

A little snake feeding session with my snake!
PS! If you had a pet bunny or a sensitive stomach you may not want to watch this. 

Leaving On A Jetplane

Hi everyone,

Time to go back to my roots to one of the first songs I ever performed with. Enjoy!



Hi everyone,

In 2008 I met the stunt group HMCIndie for the first time. Thanks to them, especially Mikko Löppönen (the director, stunt choreographer and film maker) many doors have opened for me.
Next August I´m going to Los Angeles to attend a film festival/seminar called

The MartialCon, where one of our short films got 3 nominations. I really can´t wait!

Here´s a little combo of the stunt/action & acting projects I´ve taken part in the last 8 years.

Rock On!

Squishy – my pet snake

Squishy and I have been roommates for almost 10 years.
When I was 18 years old and moved away from home, I wanted to have a pet. Knowing what kind of resposibility it requires to take care of a dog, I knew it wasn´t an option.

So I went to the pet shop, I saw Squishy and fell in love. Without having a clue about snakes I decided to give him a home and one week later he moved in.


Music In Japan

Hi guys,

Releasing my  album in Japan was again an experience of it´s own kind. Everything from performing in a Boxing Hall, to amazing food, weird toilet seats and making a fool of myself trying to speak Japanese.