LA here I come

Hi everyone,

I hope you´re summer has started well. Min definitely has!
A couple of months ago I got a message from a film festival owner in LA, about my work on this short movie called “Eliza”.
I´ve been to many music festivals and exhibitions but never to a film festival, and asked if it was possible to join.
One thing led to another, and now I´m preparing 3 different performances for the Martial Con in August. I can´t wait to get on that plane!
However, without Mikko Löppönen, my close friend & director, this door wouldn´t have opened for me.
Big thanks to Mikko, and the owner of the festival, Del Weston for making this happen!

Snake Feeding

A little snake feeding session with my snake!
PS! If you had a pet bunny or a sensitive stomach you may not want to watch this.

Leaving On A Jetplane

Hi everyone,

Time to go back to my roots to one of the first songs I ever performed with. Enjoy!


Hi everyone,

In 2008 I met the stunt group HMCIndie for the first time. Thanks to them, especially Mikko Löppönen (the director, stunt choreographer and film maker) many doors have opened for me.
Next August I´m going to Los Angeles to attend a film festival/seminar called

The MartialCon, where one of our short films got 3 nominations. I really can´t wait!

Here´s a little combo of the stunt/action & acting projects I´ve taken part in the last 8 years.

Rock On!

Squishy – my pet snake

Squishy and I have been roommates for almost 10 years.
When I was 18 years old and moved away from home, I wanted to have a pet. Knowing what kind of resposibility it requires to take care of a dog, I knew it wasn´t an option.

So I went to the pet shop, I saw Squishy and fell in love. Without having a clue about snakes I decided to give him a home and one week later he moved in.

Music In Japan

Hi guys,

Releasing my new album in Japan was again an experience of it´s own kind. Everything from performing in a Boxing Hall, to amazing food, weird toilet seats and making a fool of myself trying to speak Japanese.

Quick Update

Magic Castle


I just released my new music video Magic Castle ( in Japan only). A little inspiration I got while recording songs in Los Angeles.

It will be visible for other countries as well in the nearish future 😉

Until then, check out my new video blog Learning By Doing – Cave Diving

Rock on!

See You Soon Japan!

Dear Japan!

In a few days (5th -12th) I´m stepping on the plane to come and see you for the release of my new album Grounded. You managed to impress and amaze me already as a child when I had my first piece of sushi. 20 years later you released my first album Renegade and gave me an armful of great memories and experiences along the way.
I can´t wait to get there for a second round!

A kiss Goodbye To The Summer

Brrrrrr…. The first snow has fallen in Finland and time to kiss the summer goodbye for real and put the motorbike inside. I´m gonna miss my baby.
I always try to cling on to it until until the very last piece of sunshine. I think someone up there made a mistake, I´m supposed to be born under a palm tree not in a pile of snow…