Love Me Like You Never Did Before

Hi guys, 

Here´s a live studio version of “Love Me Like You Never Did Before” that I recorded with the songwriter himself, Jay Lewis, the pianist from the “Yö” band as well as my bands guitarist, Sebastian Lindqvist.
Also big thanks to Jani Viitanen, the studio engineer.


Snake Feeding

A little snake feeding session with my snake!
PS! If you had a pet bunny or a sensitive stomach you may not want to watch this.

Leaving On A Jetplane

Hi everyone,

Time to go back to my roots to one of the first songs I ever performed with. Enjoy!



Hi everyone,

In 2008 I met the stunt group HMCIndie for the first time. Thanks to them, especially Mikko Löppönen (the director, stunt choreographer and film maker) many doors have opened for me.
Next August I´m going to Los Angeles to attend a film festival/seminar called

The MartialCon, where one of our short films got 3 nominations. I really can´t wait!

Here´s a little combo of the stunt/action & acting projects I´ve taken part in the last 8 years.


Rock On!

Squishy – my pet snake

Squishy and I have been roommates for almost 10 years.
When I was 18 years old and moved away from home, I wanted to have a pet. Knowing what kind of resposibility it requires to take care of a dog, I knew it wasn´t an option.

So I went to the pet shop, I saw Squishy and fell in love. Without having a clue about snakes I decided to give him a home and one week later he moved in.

Music In Japan

Hi guys,

Releasing my new album in Japan was again an experience of it´s own kind. Everything from performing in a Boxing Hall, to amazing food, weird toilet seats and making a fool of myself trying to speak Japanese.

Quick Update


Magic Castle


I just released my new music video Magic Castle ( in Japan only). A little inspiration I got while recording songs in Los Angeles.

It will be visible for other countries as well in the nearish future 😉

Until then, check out my new video blog Learning By Doing – Cave Diving


Rock on!

See You Soon Japan!

Dear Japan!

In a few days (5th -12th) I´m stepping on the plane to come and see you for the release of my new album Grounded. You managed to impress and amaze me already as a child when I had my first piece of sushi. 20 years later you released my first album Renegade and gave me an armful of great memories and experiences along the way.
I can´t wait to get there for a second round!


A kiss Goodbye To The Summer

Brrrrrr…. The first snow has fallen in Finland and time to kiss the summer goodbye for real and put the motorbike inside. I´m gonna miss my baby.
I always try to cling on to it until until the very last piece of sunshine. I think someone up there made a mistake, I´m supposed to be born under a palm tree not in a pile of snow…