A Haunted Castle And A Nubian Rose


The castle gates


Hi there!

Greetings from the Swedish country side.
I tried to find a hotel near by my vocal coach, and ended up in a “haunted” castle from 1600th century with a history all the way back to year 990 when the first version of the castle was built.
To my disappointment the ghost didn’t care to introduce themselves…. How rude…

After a good nights sleep ,I woke up early for a morning jog  and by the time I got back I was soaked by the rain from head to toe,  feeling more like a frog than a princess.
Since I didn’t stumble over a pair of dried shoes I ended up wearing slippers the whole day, resulting in a lot of confused face expressions and some interesting comments.

bild 3

Like an overly excited scout I got the brilliant idea to walk 10 km before starting the singing session. One of the best ways to feel out the new songs.

bild 4

Plant house selfie with Sofia. Picking tomatoes and cucumbers for lunch.





















The sessions with Sofia Lilja ( also known as the Swedish “Idol coach”) have been filled with lots of wonderful tunes, brainwaves, emotions and laughter.

She is by far the best sining teacher I’ve ever come across.
5 years ago, when I was still studying theatre, a manager from Sweden discovered a demo song and without hesitation,  I jumped out of school and straight into the unknown.

I had no connections or clue what the music business is all about and what it takes to be a solo artist.
One of the first actions, was to choose the songs and to find a good coach.
Patric, the manager, connected me to Sofia, and before I knew it I was standing at her doorstep.

With a classical background and a fresh spark for pop/rock, I was facing a lot of new ways to express myself as well as challenges.

I remember feeling nervous, outside of my comfort zone, just like standing infront of too judges wondering if you meet their expectations.

Sofia quickly turned that feeling upside-down by welcoming me with open arms and such a
warm hearted, positive energy, that I soon felt at home.

When she heard I’m an actress she started applying it into our sessions.

To discover the corners of my voice, we started “breaking” the songs apart and stretching them to the extreme.
She had me performing like a heavy rocker while singing a ballad, going through all sorts of emotions, physical gestures and characters, just to see how it effected my voice.
By the time I went to the studio for the first songs (You Should Get Over Me, Playing For Keeps, I Will Live On etc..), I had a big bag of tools with me.

She´s one of the few people who’ve seen my path from “where it started” to where I am today. These 3 days with her have been simply amazing and once again I leave the session with new tools to use for the next album recording.

I can’t wait to get to the studio!!

– Jessica

bild 1

One of the beautiful chill out spots in the castle

bild 5

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  1. Jessica! It has been a true pleasure working with you these three days. Looking forward to continue working together to further explore your talent. Wish you all the best until we meet again. Kick ass in the studio:)!

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