Back To Prison!


I believe the best change comes through motivation and positive energy rather than judging and black painting. That’s where music comes in handy and one of the main reason why I chose to become a singer – to effect people through music.
I was in the middle of paying bills when all of a sudden I got hit by a brainwave so hard I almost fell off the chair.
“I have to make a prison tour!! I just have to, no way around it!”
I don’t know if it was the memories and impact from my last prison performance in Sörnäinen, but it felt like I could walk through a wall to make it happen.

I quickly forgot the bills and with my fingers on fire I wrote a long email to the person in charge.
He got more than surprised to hear from me since he was actually in the middle of planning a prison tour himself and had thought of me. It couldn’t have clicked better.
A month later the tour got confirmed and I could finally do my happy dance.
People might wonder what’s going through my head and why the hell I’m so happy about going to prison.
This is my little story and how it began.

I got very excited when I first got invited to play at “Sörkkä Rock” one year ago in the spring 2013. 

After finally getting through the security check with the metal detectors, dogs and the whole shibang we got to the backstage in front of the prison yard.

There was a fence between the stage and the audience but we were still allowed to go inside the yard where the convicts served juice and something to eat.

One of them came up to me and kindly asked if there was any chance I could dedicate a song to him since it was his birthday that day.
I was the last artist on stage, and right before my performance it started raining so much the power went off.
 The audience waited patiently for 45 minutes tucked under a tent, hoping we could fix the problem.

When we ran out of time they still gave us applause for trying and one of the staff members promised to invite me back.
A half year later I once again stood outside of the prison ready to go through the metal detectors one more time with the band members.
This time the security was way stricter than before since the gig was inside the prison and many doors and hallways to go through.

Some happy convicts welcomed me on the way in and one of the guards told me they had waited eagerly for this gig for months.

The first 4 seats were empty, and the fifth was filled with policemen with their backs against the stage.
Out of 300, 80 convicts were allowed to participate.
It was a very intimate gig, and in a way a very revealing and relaxing one.
A place where I could go very deep into the feeling of the songs and express myself freely.
 You can’t do the normal  “Are you having a good time!!! Lets rock the dance floor!!”  yet you can’t make a big deal out of it either.
With other words the only thing that makes sense is to be your true honest self, share the message in the songs, and send out good vibes.  Like a gift.
Normally when you look someone into the eyes during a gig they either look away or jam with you. In this case I was met by the best poker faces I’ve ever seen.
Except for 2 people who had their smiles glued to their ears through the whole gig. The rest  of the 78,  didn’t move a single muscle in their faces……but their feet did! 😉

Even though I didnt get the normal response, the energy and vibe was very strong and positive and by the sound of the applause I could sense it was very appreciated.
 I found the birthday hero in the audience and could finally dedicate the song.

I few months later at a party, someone randomly came up to me and told me how much the dedicated song meant to his friend in prison.
When music goes around like that serving a good purpose, it feels like completing a mission.
By the end of the day we’re just people. Criminal or no criminal, we share the same feelings.
Whatever is the reason for a crime, I believe it comes from only a part of the personality. Once a crime is commited its easy to put a “criminal” stamp in the forehead and forget that there’s more to a person than a bad action.

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