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  1. Frank Reefmann

    Hi Jessica

    my “amazon prime music” recommended you to me cause i was listening
    to music from “Magnum”, so I was curious and listened to some of
    your songs on your new album “Grounded” – think i really like your
    style.. and the video “war”-wow … you seem to live an exciting live!!
    I was wondering if you – young warrior woman 😉 – have ever heard
    bout the band “Magnum”? they are some kind of opposite to you:
    Very old and not very beautiful 😀 – but i m sure you would
    probably like their music. They released bout 20 albums or more
    i think but unfortunately they never became very famous…

    Their sound is very melodic but powerful…like yours is i think

    kind regards .. from Germany

    • Jessica Wolff

      Hi, thank you for writing and sorry it took me ages to write back! I haven´t updated my webpage in a while. Not so good with technical computer stuff and social media 😀 I´m glad you like my music. I´m gonna check out Magnum 🙂

  2. mike jr

    you have beautiful biceps

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