Never Say Never



Hey there,

I’ve got some news I’ve been dying to share but had to wait until everything was confirmed.

A couple of months ago my management company, had to shut down and with that I lost my manager.

At first I felt devastated, just about to finish my second album without the needed team around me.

So, I went to the Dominican Republic to clear my mind, shoot a music video and tried to figure out my next step.

Right before I headed back home things took a big turn and before I knew it I had a very exciting Skype meeting from LA.  The discussion of bringing my music to the US market opened up, and after the meeting I had some big decisions to make.

After re-making my first album from scratch one month after it was done, I promised myself it would never happen again.

I had just finished the vocal recordings to my new album before heading to DR, and ironically enough I was once again facing the same situation, but this time it was only the matter of redoing my lead vocals.

So I went to the gym, punched the bag for one hour, had a good mediation and came to the conclusion that you should never say never.

In order to give myself the best chance I could get, slight adjustments to my English pronunciation would have to be made.

If I would lose a record deal because of that reason it would bug the hell out of me, as well as turning down an opportunity to further develop myself as an artist.

When I got home there were quick arrangements to be made and between arranging tickets to LA, planning my albums photo shoot and feeding my snake, I started the vocal sessions through Skype together with the well known vocal coach, Bob Croff.

Even 15 min before heading to the airport I still hadn’t packed a third of my stuff!! Luckily my wonderful bass player, Cheri Martin, showed up to my rescue, helped me packed, put the passport in my hand and drove me to the airport.

I finally got to LA and can’t wait to see what this adventure has got to offer!!!

Rock on!!!


Finally in LA

Finally in LA


Quick stop over in New York

After a quick stop over in New York


@ Photoshoot before heading to LA

Morning jogg in  Santa Monica

Morning jogg in Santa Monica

Morning jog in Santa Monica

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