One gig and the sleeping beauties

Hey there,

Rise and shine 7 in the morning. After a good breakfast of fruits, eggs avocado and green tea followed by a sauna bath, I started the voice warm up for the coming gig.



Make up & hair spray – check, in ear monitors – check, stockings on- check and oh yes, the dress of course….. -check and off we go.

10 min late, I stop to pick up the drummer and guitarist. 

I call one of them, then the other, call them again, and 20 times later I realize a phone call is not gonna wake them up.

Then my battery dies…… Fu*k…, 30 min late…. 


I run across the street to a laundry place to charge my phone. Still no answer… But thankfully the drummers mother came to my rescue and told me which number to press on the door.

Bingo!!! After 3-4 times there’s finally a sign of life! I run up to the apartment, met by a very distinct odor in the flat, and a “good morning I have no idea what’s going on – look”, which I return with the “angry eye”.

I promised to kick their butts but not until after the gig.

30 min later we get to the rehearsal place where the rest of the guys are waiting for the keys to arrive to load the stuff. 

Finally the wheels of the pink bus are rolling hot, while the boys sleeping like babies and sounding like hippos! 

We managed to arrive just in time. A quick sound check and the party begins! 

While working on the new album I had a few months break from the gigs. It felt really good to be back on the stage! 

After a lot of rock and sweat in the fresh summer sun, the band was in a great mood after the gig! 

But I hadn’t forgotten the little practical joke earlier in the morning and gave them a little discipline lesson before heading back home! 😉 


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