Home Sweet Home


Hi there,

Just got back to Helsinki a few days ago after an amazing trip!

My last days in Los Angeles were just as awesome as the first one. The songwriting session I was supposed to have never happened, but instead a lot of other things took place.

Jumping from one couch to another, I met some good friends, interesting people, film directors and had very inspiring conversations that planted new headlines on my goal list. It’s going to be interesting to see how they grow into reality.

















Here’s the trailer for the short movie we made with stunt team in San Diego for the 48h Film Festival:


After a long flight home I had a couple of hours time to rest before heading to the Kurki Festival in Vesilahti.

It was by far the best jet lag I’ve ever had. The audience was really great, jamming, dancing and singing along with me.

Next thing in line will be a music video shooting for an up-coming release, followed by a very special tour this Atumn which will soon be revealed.

Stay tuned!!

Jessica Wolff


The City Of Angels














Hi everyone!

When I travel, something weird always happens to me… Always.
Last time I went to the US, I got sent to a room for questioning cause of a stupid misunderstanding.
This time it started with my heart almost dropping down to my stomach as I was going through customs, and realized my Esta Visa might have expired.
After asking a bunch of questions the officer wanted to see if I was actually an artist and told me to sing.
Before I knew it a shaky “Amazing Grace” slipped out of my mouth, why that specific song I’m not sure but I’m glad it didn’t include the words “bomb” or “terrorist”…
All good, he seemed entertained and I got through.

After over 20 hours of traveling, 2 sweet hours of sleep and 7 espresso shots, I got picked up by the stuntman/actor Fernando Jay Huerto, at 6am to film a short movie in San Diego for the 48h Film Festival.
























The combo of an awesome team, stunts and acting must have switched on the reserve battery cause 10 h later I was still standing, with a big smile on my face surrounded by happy people and marshmallows.













I’ll post the film on my blog sometime between the end of July and middle of August.

Still got a couple of days to go.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

– Jessica


Age is just a number


Adam Darius

Adam Darius

“Yes, along with my performances in Venezuela, Macedonia etc. I still teach and write books” –  Was the answer of the 84 year old, Adam Darius, when I first contacted him a half year ago.

Adam Darius is not only a phenomenal mime artist and ballet dancer who has performed in 87 countries, but also a great choreographer, playwright,  and author of 17 books, let alone one of the best coaches I have ever come across.

With an old wise soul, a sharp mind and movements that even some 20 year olds can’t pull off, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I met Adam the first time.

Adam_dariusHe coaches me in expressing myself through singing, acting, speaking, dancing as well as writing and never fails to notice if I’m not “fully in the zone”.
Even though it requires a lot of energy and focus, I always seem to gain more than I lose after each session.

How he came to live in Finland 19 years ago is a long story, but I’m definitely not the only one who realized what a guru we have just around the corner. Along with his own continuing performances he has many projects going on as well as students and friends around him.
Our last session was accompanied by Eero Heinonen, the bass player of the well known band “The Rasmus”, who is in the process of making a documentary featuring Adam’s career.

So far he has filmed in Finland, USA as well as in Russia. It is a true pleasure to be a part of it, and as soon as I get info about the release date I will keep you updated!

Rock on!

– Jessica Wolff

Ps. Eero was very nice to work with and the following day we caught up for some song writing.





The pen is on fire!


I bet everyone wanted to throw a TV out the window at least once in their life.
If not for anger management, than just for the fun of it or to feel like a rock star. At least I did, but I never thought I’d actually get the chance to experience it.


Last Sunday was a hell of a fun day. I took part in “Soulcages” music video, where I got to do a lot of stunt fighting and trash up an apartment.



After the shootings I quickly washed my make up of before heading to the airport to go to the middle of Finland to work on my next album.
I don’t think the security guards would have let me on the plane without some serious questions.


( Make up by Kukka Raejärvi)

The last two days of songwriting with Janne Hyöty have been absolutely awesome! This guy is a genius and the only one in Finland who made 15 number 1 hits in Japan. 15!!! That’s just crazy!


Within the first hour we completed the structure for the first song, like a dance on roses.
It’s funny how the lyric flow goes in periods. Sometimes I can be blocked for weeks and sometimes the text just pours out of me. This time it almost put my pen on fire!


After finishing the first demo Janne left the room to work on a new melody while I polished up the lyrics.
When I went to grab a coffee, I found him jamming in the kitchen and 10 min later we got back to the studio room and started recording the second song.

A week ago reality bit me harder than a bulldog and now it’s giving me hugs and kisses!

Rock on!

– Jessica

Bulldog- and reality bites


Hi there

When I got back to Finland over a week ago, “realty” bit me harder than the bulldog in DR, with a pile of to-do lists, bills and an empty snake cage….
I didn’t burn the bills but I did find the snake, fed him, but this time left the cage door open and now he is digesting on top of my heater.


After a day of resting, I took the bull by the horn and so far so productive!

I had nice gig after a long break with the band, which felt great! I worked on some songs for the next album, acting, studying
and got back to Kung-Fu training.
Unfortunately not quite as smooth as before..
About a month ago I pulled a muscle (with a loud “pop”) sound.
I didn’t feel it as much in the warm weather of DR, and didn’t realize all my activities were making it worse.
Now that I’m back in Finlands cold weather I suddenly can’t lift my leg higher than 90° and have some difficulties walking. Lesson learned…. I just have to kick with the right leg instead.

Next thing up is some acting and stunts for the band “Soulcages” musicvideo as well as a song writing session in the middle of Finland with Janne Hyöty within a couple of days. Can’t wait!!!

Rock on


A rough night

Hey there,

Here’s the latest stunt fight I did a few weeks ago. A bit random and weird with some good moments. Enjoy!

“Rough Night”

Rock on!

Ps. Just about to head back to Helsinki for an up coming gig next Saturday! More info soon!

Rusty bikes and dog bites

Hey there,

Before going back to Finland and the music scene, I still have one week left in the Dominican Republic.
Last week I’ve been gathering a lot of material for an up coming video and collected many new experiences on the way. Here’s a few of them.



After a 2 hour long ride on an almost functional bike, I arrived to something that looked like a little paradise.
The first to welcome me were these feathery fellows.
These creatures are extremely happy and cute looking until you put your fingers too close…


Moto concho

This is one of the easiest way to move around.
You walk out on the street and emmediately there will be someone on a rusty half broken bike ready to give you a ride for a couple of euros.
You can see everything from a whole family to a cow being transported on these small bikes.



This is also how you get what’s called the “Dominican Tattoo” which can be spotted mainly on the legs of tourists after burning off a piece of skin on the exhaust pipe.

Dog bite

Yes that’s right. Just a few days after twisting my ankle during an exercise , the neighbors dog decided to take a bite.


He left a small but deep wound, that I would become very aware of the upcoming days. Luckily the vaccination and antibiotics kicked in and didn’t have to limp very long before the wound started healing.
Lesson learned, always carry a spare bone with you, and prepare to lift your feet high up when your ride home in the night.

Free diving



Adventure number 1


Today we have ” try not to kill yourself “surfing” in huge waves for the first time” – as an appetizer and for lunch there will be some kitesurfing.
If I’m still alive I should have some new lyrics on the way:)

In coconut land


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Love me Like You Never Did Before



Hi there,

The new single is finally released!
Or actually I shouldn’t say “new”, since it’s a cover version of an old and very well known Finnish song called “Rakkaus On Lumivalkoinen”

The idea of making a cover version of this song in English came like out of the blue last spring, after my team members had a random phonecall with Jussi Hakulinen ( from the band called Yö).

Check out the video (by Mikko Löppönen)

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