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“We need a castle, a metal detector, special made costumes as well as make up that looks like something between the style in Hunger Games and Alice In Wonderland”

During the first meeting I wasn’t sure if the producer was gonna laugh or cry when I dropped the news along with the budget.

Still it’s just a fraction of what was needed in order to pull off the music video concept , that has been on my mind since I got home from LA after recording my album last year.

It’s the most complex video so far, but thanks to an absolutely amazing team we pulled it off in 2 days!
Here are some juicy sneak peeks for you!



Together with the “friendly” joker, played by Rasmus Branders. I can’t think of anyone who would have done a better job on the character!

make up

Lights, smoke, behind the scenes filming, make up, costume… one part missing and the puzzle wouldn’t be completed! I couldn’t have asked for a better team!



In just 10 days, the costume designer, Ilkka Salakari, made more than 5 special made costumes! This talented young man went way over my expectations <3





The producer Henri Kiviniemi made sure to keep the team entertained by giving himself a soap shower after a long hot day!!


There are a lot of people left to mention, not let a lone the story and where the song itself, but those details will be saved for the actual release in a couple of months! Until then, stay tuned! In a couple of weeks I’ll have some new surprises for you 😉

Rock On!

– Jessica Wolff

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