Soul Candy!


Hey guys!

Greetings from the studio in Kokkola!

I haven’t blogged in soooo long. I had to side track a little to the study & and music business world. For weeks my head was occupied with royalties, bills, receipts, bones and joints. I figured I might lose some fans if I start to share my thoughts. But that’s in the past now!  It feels so incredibly good to be back in the studio together with Jonas Olsson. It´s soul candy!!!


With Jonas Olsson

I still have 2 days to go.  I’m gonna inhale every minute cause it´s the last vocal recordings for this album.

I can’t complain though, soon the live rehearsals will start and give me plenty of time to sing, sing and sing some more.


Last minute songwriting @ Rosso Restaurant











ROck ON!!!

Ps. I have some cool adventures waiting just around the corner 😉

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