Surrounded By Awesomeness

Inviting someone you never met to stay at your place for 2 weeks takes quite a lot of dedication and one of the reasons why I chose Semira Ben-Amor to be my manager. Not because of the comfy bed but for her drive, honesty and determination. Before we even discussed the contract she was already full on pulling all the threads needed to get started.

Semira Ben-Amor, THE manager

Semira Ben-Amor, THE manager


When I got to LA, I had 5 days to prepare for the studio together with the vocal coach Bob Croff. Among with many amazing singers he also worked actors such as Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Semira couldn’t have found a better coach for me! 

 We broke all the lyrics apart word by word, along with practicing vocal techniques. Among with signing high notes while bouncing on a gym ball, one of the funniest things he said was “if you have problems with your high notes just relax and squeeze you butt”. Can’t make it more simple than that!

Before my first studio day I had a chance to take the day off and do an interview for the newspaper HBL. Along with talking about music I also got the chance to climb trees and walking on my hands for a short film clip. The little child inside of me had a blast!

HBL interview with Magnus Silfvenius and Peppe Öhman


The first day in the studio I felt a bit nervous trying to memorize everything I had gone through together with Bob. That’s also how it sounded and quickly came to the conclusion that I’m way better of just jumping into the feeling and correct “accent” problems afterwards.


Both Joshua Newell and Sergio Chavez have worked with many big artists in U.S. such as Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson and many more.  They knew exactly what they were doing.

The recordings have so far been pretty smooth except for me sounding like “Dracula” every time I sing “good”, “look” or “touch”. Good thing vampires are hot these days!

Rock on!

With Sergio Chavez


Found this awesome looking mirror frame made out of magazines


Morning jog before the studio


Balcony view

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