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Hi everybody!
After writing songs for my new album in New York last spring, I took a quick stop over in the Dominican Republic before heading back home.
On my second day, I decided to make something musically productive out of the trip.

With only one camera and no crew, I got Alexis Pierret from AP Visuals, to film my daily activities and after weeks of editing he turned it into this music video!
There are not many photographers who can kite while filming as well as dive deep under water and keep the camera steady!!!

It was such a fun challenge!  Singing while kiting, as well as under water.
Not just having to guess the rhythm of the song, but also avoiding to crash into other kiters or getting swallowed by 2 m waves!!

A couple of times I was too close to the camera and the kite lines got all tangled. It took us almost an hour to get back to land.

Enjoy the video and please share! )

Rock on!!

Ps. The “big news on Monday” I wrote about in my last blog is still on the way. I just have to get the green “ok, to release light”.  So stay tuned!

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