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Greetings from the Caribbean!

After finishing my final vocal recordings in the middle of icy Finland, I headed out to my “second home”, the Dominican Republic.
When I travel something weird or bad always happens.  Like getting a kiteboard through my head, bitten by a dog or get stuck in a palm tree. This time I lost my passport and all my cash….. on the first day!!!!
After a couple of weeks I finally got it sorted out with the embassy and will have to make a road trip across the country on the quest for a new passport.

I can´t complain though. There´s no better soul candy, than the deep blue ocean, sunshine and jungles filled with coconuts!!










My main goal during this trip is to make a new music video for one of the songs on my up-coming album.

I´ve never made a music video, being so unsure of the result.

The reason why is because most will be filmed under water. Talk about complicating things!

There are so many factors affecting the shots, but most of them are depenent on how long and deep I can stay under water.

I started by practicing free diving.

I learned that one of the most important things is to first meditate on the surface to get your heart rate as low as possible. Then completely empty the lungs before taking the deep breath.

I was told to move as smoothly and slowly as possible to save oxygen. On the way down I had to keep equalizing the pressure in my ears.
Once I reached a certain depth I started sinking automatically.

At the bottom I was surprised of how calm it felt. Almost like half dreaming. Once the craving for oxygen started to kick in it was a true mind challenge to stay calm and not to rush on the way up.

It was a really interesting experience. Except for a little nose bleed, no biggy though.

Next step was quite a lot harder, the actual video shoot.
This time I had a costume on, without a mask and a weight bringing me down.

I felt more like a drowning hippopotamus than a mermaid, but I loved the challenge!

Along with the shootings I spend my time planning out my second album, learning Spanish, kick boxing, kitesurfing and hanging out with my new friend Amber, a little puppy I´m temporarily taking care of. It´s gonna be tough to leave without her.

Tomorrow the shootings will continue and hopefully I have all the shots needed before I go back home.

Rock On!


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  1. Very impressive dive! Quiet fluid and talented. Your technique is outstanding.

    Thank you for sharing. I’ve been following you for some time, thanks to a recommendation from our mutual friend, Kerry Silson.

    Hope all is well, and you obtain your new passport easily. Cheers.

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