5 Insane Triathlon Challenges You Wont Believe Exist


Are you looking for an extreme triathlon challenge? Here are five incredible ones! From running up mountains to rowing insane distances, these feats will test your limits.

  1. Go Beyond Ultra Triathlon: A 136 mile ultramarathon in Iceland with glaciers, volcanoes and geysers.
  2. Iceman Cometh Challenge: A 30 mile mountain bike course through snow-covered trails in Michigan, even below zero degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Death Valley Triathlon: 7 mile run, 37 mile bike ride and 12 mile kayak in North America's hottest desert.
  4. Yukon River Quest: 1100 kilometer race from Whitehorse to Dawson City in Northern Alaska.
  5. The Triple Brutal: 3500 kilometers on foot, 3000 kilometers cycling and 80 kilometers swimming across Europe's greatest lakes.

The Norseman Xtreme Triathlon

The Norseman Xtreme Triathlon is world-renowned for its difficulty. It consists of a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle, and a 42.2km run. This is an incredibly grueling challenge that tests a person's endurance and strength. Not just anyone can take part in this race – it takes a special kind of courage and determination.

In this article, we'll examine the specifics of the race and what it takes to make it across the finish line.


The Norseman Xtreme Triathlon is one of the most extreme races in the world. Every August, experienced triathletes from around the world come together in Norway to compete. The challenge includes a 4.8km open water swim, 180km bike ride and 42km marathon!

The course is known for its stunning views and tough terrain. It includes 5500m of climbing in the alps during the bike leg!

The race starts at dawn at Hardangerfjord – one of Norway's most beautiful fjords. After leaving Hardangerfjord, competitors face ‘the most brutal bike course on tri-earth'. This extreme test ride covers three major climbs through the mountains!

At the finish line in Eidfjord, after almost 11 hours of racing, athletes can look forward to crossing the finish line!

This event is more than just a sport. It's a journey into Norwegian nature, culture and history. It's also about creating connections between everyone who wants to join this fascinating adventure!

Course Description

Do you want to try the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon? Be ready for a tough challenge! The course includes:

  • A 3.8 km swim in Norway's Hardangerfjord,
  • followed by a 180 km bike ride through fjords, mountains, and narrow roads with steep mountain hairpins.
  • Then, cyclists will do a 42.195 km marathon run over rocky terrain until they reach the summit of Mount Gaustatoppen. The peak is the highest in Southern Norway.

If you can complete all five disciplines you will become an official ‘Norseman'. In short: if you're looking for a life-changing experience and an unforgettable adventure, this is it!

The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming is an insane triathlon challenge. It's so unbelievable! This challenge involves three open water swim races. Namely, the Great British Swim, the English Channel Swim and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. These swims demand a lot of strength and courage. Completing all three swims in one year is a real test for any triathlete.

We'll explain why it's so hard and why it's considered the most difficult triathlon:


Open water swimming is widely known as the most extreme type of swimming. The bravest athletes take on the ‘Triple Crown' to prove their skill and endurance. It's a challenge of three iconic swims in large bodies of water.

The Triple Crown includes: English Channel (England/France), Manhattan Island (New York City/USA), and Catalina Island (California/USA). Each swim is an incredible feat of physical, psychological and logistical strength. It's one of three open water triathlons for courageous swimmers.

The other two open water triathlons include: Cook Strait (between North and South Island of New Zealand) and Tsugaru Strait (between Honshu and Hokkaido of Japan). Swimmers must brave colder waters and bigger waves in these cases, making it even more challenging than the Triple Crown!

Course Description

The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming is a 113-mile epic journey that takes place in three iconic locations: the English Channel, Catalina Channel off the coast of California, and the Molokai Channel in Hawaii.

The English Channel swim is 22 miles from Shakespeare Beach, England to Wissant Beach, France. Swimmers brave strong currents and tides across one of the busiest shipping channels in the world. The route goes north to Cap Gris Nez, then southwest towards France.

The Catalina Channel crossing is 20 miles from Santa Catalina Island to Point Vicente Lighthouse near Los Angeles. Blue waters, favorable tides, and warm temperatures welcome swimmers. But they have to compete with the large seal colonies in the kelp beds!

The Molokai Channel swim is a 71-mile challenge between Oahu and Molokai Islands in Hawaii. It is nicknamed “the Everest” of swimming events. Tough tides and winds make it difficult. Plus, jellyfish blooms! Swimmers need to bring their own refreshments, since it can take up to 30 hours to complete.

The Ultraman

The Ultraman – now that's extreme! A 6.2-mile swim, a 261.4-mile bike ride and a 52.4-mile run all done in three days? That's not all – the swim and the run are without any break!

Let's take a closer look at this unique race and its requirements. To finish, you must be brave, fit and determined!


The Ultraman is an extreme triathlon. It's known as one of the toughest endurance tests. The total distance is over 321 miles (517 kilometers). This includes a 6.2 mile (10 kilometer) swim, 261 mile (420 kilometer) bike ride and a full marathon of 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers).

Competitors must finish each stage within a set time limit and can only get minimal help from their support crew. This event is held yearly on Hawaii's Big Island and usually draws a few hundred participants from around the world. All are competing for the title of Ultraman champion.

Organizers give nutritional counseling before, during and after The Ultraman. This helps athletes stay healthy and properly fuel up for this huge challenge. From pre-race prep to post-race recovery, they must be ready with the right nutrition:

  • Pre-race prep
  • During the race
  • Post-race recovery

Course Description

The Ultraman is an awesome event full of endurance. It's 6.2 miles of swimming, a 261-mile bike ride, and a 52.4-mile run, all done over 3 days. The official Ultraman world championships are held in Hawaii's Big Island each year. But many other Ultraman races have sprung up in the US and Europe in the last decade. It's a big challenge for serious triathletes!

The swim starts at Hapuna Beach near Waimea Bay and ends 51 miles later at Kealakekua Bay. Day two is a 226 mile bike course! It goes through:

  • Akaka Falls State Park
  • Waipio Valley
  • onto the volcano slopes
  • and finally finishes in Hawi Village.

Day three is a 52-mile run. It's humid and has lots of uphills and downhills on Waikoloa Road. It ends with a great finish from Maunakea Summit.

The Deca Iron Triathlon

The Deca Iron Triathlon is renowned for its craziness! It's made up of 10 Ironman-distance triathlons across 50 days. It requires unbelievable physical and mental strength from its participants. So, what makes this triathlon so insane? Let's find out!


The Deca Iron Triathlon is an incredible endurance challenge. It's made up of 10 full Ironman distance triathlons. They add up to 4,800 km on foot and bike, plus 594km of swimming across 10 straits with varying temperatures.

You must swim in safe conditions and obey all safety rules in the rule book. The event starts with a 3.8km open water swim at La Seyne Plage in France. Then, 9 more Ironman-distance triathlons over 3 weeks.

The biking route is amazing, with the Italian coastline, Tuscany hills, and Swiss twilight rides. There are running trails in Austria's mountains and Portugal's Atlantic coastline. All this while crossing 10 countries!

The Deca Iron Triathlon is extreme. Athletes must be prepared physically and mentally. Determination is key to reach the finish line, and validate their journey mentally and physically.

Course Description

The Deca Iron Triathlon challenge is a 1,806-mile (2,910 km) race that consists of 10 Ironman triathlons in 10 days. It starts with a 2.6-mile (4.2 km) swim, a 112-mile (180 km) bike ride, and a 26.2-mile (42.2 km) run. This is only for the most committed athletes!

The route is different villages in Burgundy, France. Participants must transition twice a day – one in the morning and one in the evening. They will be swimming through Loire Valley rivers, biking on French roads, and running over various terrains, ranging from rolling hills to alpine trails.

To be officially classified as a Finisher of The Deca Iron Triathlon challenge, athletes must finish all ten races within 350 hours – from start to finish at Ecuelle Castle. This is the event's headquarters and accommodation. Anyone who does not complete this requirement will not be eligible for any awards or recognition from The Deca Iron Triathlon Network.

The Triple Iron Triathlon

Thought an Ironman Triathlon was hard? Wait until you hear about the Triple Iron Triathlon! This outrageous event is a continuous race. It includes 7.2 miles of swimming, 336 miles of cycling, and 78.6 miles of running – all in one week!

Still not convinced it's tough? Read on and discover how challenging this triathlon really is.


The Triple Iron Triathlon is one of the most intense triathlon challenges in the world. You must swim 12 km, bike 544 km and run 126 km, in just 48 hrs. This test of strength, endurance, and stamina is considered by many to be one of the toughest endurance events.

It was first created by Christopher McDonald in 1994. Athletes from all over the world have taken part in this race since then. In 2018, many athletes even set records for completing 29 consecutive events!

The Triple Iron consists of 9 days of non-stop racing. You must cover a total distance equivalent to four times an Ironman-distance competition without any rest or transition breaks. Safety gear like flotation vests and bike helmets are encouraged during the swim and biking stages.

Course Description

The Triple Iron Triathlon is a true test of strength, with 7.2 miles of swimming, 336 miles of cycling, and 78.6 miles of running – all without stopping! It's an unforgettable challenge!

The course takes athletes through four seasons. They start with a wintery swim in icy waters off Ouistreham, France. Then, they bike around Camembert cheese farms and cider orchards in Normandy before battling the winds of Brittany. Finally, they run 78 miles along France's most beautiful hiking trails and reach the finish line at the Ouistreham shoreline.

Triple Iron Triathletes wear only three items for support – shoes, shirt, and swim trunks. This symbolizes personal victory over nature's various obstacles throughout the course.


Triathlons are diverse! From extreme terrains to local parks. For tips, join running clubs or triathlon communities. Or, read articles like this one! With training, you can reach goals unimaginable! So, take on a triathlon – it's worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a triathlon?

A: A triathlon is an endurance event that consists of three different sports: swimming, biking, and running.

Q: How long is a typical triathlon?

A: A typical triathlon is usually between 1-2 miles of swimming, 25-30 miles of biking, and 5-10 miles of running.

Q: What are some of the most extreme triathlon challenges?

A: Some of the most extreme triathlon challenges include the Ironman World Championship, the Ultraman World Championship, the Badwater Ultramarathon, the Deca Ironman Triathlon, and the Double Deca Triathlon.

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