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New album coming up!

My new album is ready and will be released in the beginning of the summer. It´s been an amazing journey making this album and can´t wait to see what the audience thinks!

See You Soon Japan!

Dear Japan!

In a few days (5th -12th) I´m stepping on the plane to come and see you for the release of my new album Grounded. You managed to impress and amaze me already as a child when I had my first piece of sushi. 20 years later you released my first album Renegade and gave me an armful of great memories and experiences along the way.
I can´t wait to get there for a second round!

A kiss Goodbye To The Summer

Brrrrrr…. The first snow has fallen in Finland and time to kiss the summer goodbye for real and put the motorbike inside. I´m gonna miss my baby.
I always try to cling on to it until until the very last piece of sunshine. I think someone up there made a mistake, I´m supposed to be born under a palm tree not in a pile of snow…

Tongue Massage

Learning By Doing – Tongue Massage


Yes, guys that´s right!

It´s sounds very strange at feels even weirder. Before you think I have lost my mind, check out this video.


In 2010 I met Sofia Lilja for the first time right before recording my very first songs. An absolutely fenomenal coach who has worked with hundreds of artist,  in Swedish Idol, Eurovision and not to mention a great artist her self from the band “The Nubian Rose”.
One of the first things Sofia did was to introduce me to the voice and tongue massage. I could´t believe my ears but didn´t hesitate to give it a try.

In that situation you just have to let go of all the weirdness and trust the person doing it, relax, relax and let go.
It is very painful. We use our tongue when we breath, speak, chew, sing and it easily gets tensed. For it´s size it´s one of the strongest muscles in our body, yet we never think of stretching or massaging it like we eventually do with our other muscles when they get tensed.

It´s extremely effective, and a lot of slime comes up when this is done, so you may wanna be close to a bathroom!

This can be done by the coach or yourself, but I always do it in a combo with a full voice massage and warm up (including yoga, stretching, massaging the jaws etc). Unfortunately I could´t fit everything into this one video blog so I will make another one with more stretches and techniques which help before getting up on the stage to sing, speak, act, having a lecture or just feeling tensed in general.

Thank you for watching / reading!

PS. See you in 2 weeks, and then I´ll have something completely different on the menu 😉

How To Beat Up Your Friends PROPERLY

Things you may not have known about stunts, and what happens when you don´t keep the distance!

My New Music Video Is Here

Hey guys!

My underwater music video is finally here.  I almost drowned making this one but it still remains the best music video shoot I´ve ever done!



New Music Vide Coming Up

Hey guys!

I´m back in the game with a new music video coming out the 6th of October.

Check out the behind the scenes here!


Rock On the Dock!

Happy summer everyone!

Lying in gras

I have some bad news that kind of turned good. A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with over training syndrome.

I´ve worked out my whole life but never experienced something like this. I guess I over loaded on work and martial arts.
Without going into details, all I can say is that it suc*s and felt like a huge slap in the face, but also offered me a good reminder:

Everything needs a balance, don´t underestimate rest!

Since I´m not allowed to train for a month and supposed to take it easy, I cancelled most things in July, packed my bags and headed to an island in the middle of the Finnish archipelago.

This is the place of my roots, where my mother took me the first time when I was just a few days old.

Here I spent all my summers and most weekends until I was about 14 years old and boys started to matter more than swimming and climbing trees.

There´s nothing more relaxing and inspiring than being surrounded by trees and the sea. It was just what I needed and can already feel some of the over training symptoms starting to fade.


Since I have a lot of singing and things to do before my album release and gigs, I brought my whole office with me from Helsinki.

It´s great to practice singing here, since the only neighbors are on the other side of the island.
I found a new fun way to approach the songs. Instead of jogging like I usually do, I put my headphones on with the background music, walk briskly around the island (up and down over cliffs and rocks) while singing through all the songs.

It´s an extremely effective lung capacity training, not only for singing but also for free diving.

I miss the martial arts and my snake, but they are worth the wait and looking forward coming weeks on the island!

Now it´s time to rock on the dock!

onthe dock

MIDEM Here I Come!

Jessica Wolff promo pics

Hey guys!

Just got to France about to kick it at MIDEM, (one of the biggest music industry events in the world)
As a result of this event and the help from Music Finland, I found my record labels in both India and Japan among with a bunch of new friends and important contacts.
Can´t wait to see what it brings this year.

If you are at Midem and would like to schedule a meeting don´t hesitate to contact me.


One gig and the sleeping beauties

Hey there,

Rise and shine 7 in the morning. After a good breakfast of fruits, eggs avocado and green tea followed by a sauna bath, I started the voice warm up for the coming gig.



Make up & hair spray – check, in ear monitors – check, stockings on- check and oh yes, the dress of course….. -check and off we go.

10 min late, I stop to pick up the drummer and guitarist. 

I call one of them, then the other, call them again, and 20 times later I realize a phone call is not gonna wake them up.

Then my battery dies…… Fu*k…, 30 min late…. 


I run across the street to a laundry place to charge my phone. Still no answer… But thankfully the drummers mother came to my rescue and told me which number to press on the door.

Bingo!!! After 3-4 times there’s finally a sign of life! I run up to the apartment, met by a very distinct odor in the flat, and a “good morning I have no idea what’s going on – look”, which I return with the “angry eye”.

I promised to kick their butts but not until after the gig.

30 min later we get to the rehearsal place where the rest of the guys are waiting for the keys to arrive to load the stuff. 

Finally the wheels of the pink bus are rolling hot, while the boys sleeping like babies and sounding like hippos! 

We managed to arrive just in time. A quick sound check and the party begins! 

While working on the new album I had a few months break from the gigs. It felt really good to be back on the stage! 

After a lot of rock and sweat in the fresh summer sun, the band was in a great mood after the gig! 

But I hadn’t forgotten the little practical joke earlier in the morning and gave them a little discipline lesson before heading back home! 😉