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The Ultimate PreRace Preparation Checklist for Your Next Triathlon

Gear and Equipment Before you can have fun with a triathlon, you need the right gear. This means running shoes, a wetsuit, food, drinks, cycling items, and more. Double-check that you have everything. Make sure you’re secure and comfy. Gather essential gear and equipment Tools make biking enjoyable and safe. Here’s what to have with […]

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I Survived the Worlds Toughest Triathlon Heres What Happened

Preparation Completing the world’s toughest triathlon was not easy. Months of prep and commitment was necessary. To be ready for this huge challenge, I had to physically and mentally prepare. This included training and mental readiness. In this section, I will discuss the preparation I did to successfully finish the world’s toughest triathlon. Training Training […]

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Triathlon Diaries Inside the Mind of a Hardcore Athlete

Introduction Many passionate athletes are drawn to the demanding challenges of a triathlon. It’s a grueling trial of fitness and endurance. What would it be like to be in a triathlete’s shoes? What are the thoughts and feelings they experience? This diary offers a glimpse into the struggles of one triathlete’s journey: Overview of Triathlon […]

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