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Discover the Top 10 Triathlons to Add to Your Bucket List Today

Introduction Triathlons are an adrenaline-filled adventure! They come in a range of distances and settings, making them an empowering event. Long-distance triathlons provide an unbeatable feeling of accomplishment. Here are the top 10 triathlons to add to your bucket list! Get ready for an unforgettable experience! Definition of a triathlon Triathlons are an exciting multi-sport […]

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The Most Epic Triathlon Fails of All Time You Wont Believe 7

Introduction The epic triathlon race, with swimming, cycling and running, is one of the most difficult competitions. Many of us can only dream of finishing this race. But it does not come without its funny misfortunes and disasters! From technical mistakes to comical physical exhaustion to unexpected wildlife, here is a look at some of […]

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5 Insane Triathlon Challenges You Wont Believe Exist

Introduction Are you looking for an extreme triathlon challenge? Here are five incredible ones! From running up mountains to rowing insane distances, these feats will test your limits. Go Beyond Ultra Triathlon: A 136 mile ultramarathon in Iceland with glaciers, volcanoes and geysers. Iceman Cometh Challenge: A 30 mile mountain bike course through snow-covered trails […]

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