Celebrating Female Athletes in Triathlon: USA Triathlon Women’s Series Results

2023 has been a landmark year for female athletes in triathlon, with the introduction of the USA Triathlon Women’s Series. The Series highlights prominent women’s races, giving female athletes of all levels the opportunity to come together and celebrate the multisport community.[0] The Mooloolaba Triathlon – Open Standard Women’s Race, a full-distance event, and the Title 9 Women’s Triathlon – Hopkinton, Massachusetts, a middle-distance event, are two of the most significant races in the series.

With the second event of the series now complete, it’s time to look back at the individual triathlon results. Swimming, biking and running times (not including transition times) for the top 42 finishers of the event have been documented, with 16-year-old Simon Pratico taking first place with a total time of 1:10:00.4. Emily Carrigan, 37, was second with 1:19:23.8, and Taylor Gartley, 25, was third with 1:21:47.1.

The triathlon also featured a team event, with the first-place team being Simon Pratico, Emily Carrigan, Taylor Gartley, Sarah Brown, Dave Johnson, David Nute and Sarah Nutty.[1] The team’s total time was 1:30:58.

For more information on the USA Triathlon Women’s Series, including how to participate and train for the events, please visit the official website. Additionally, print subscribers can activate their digital access and log in to the website to access exclusive content.

2023 is sure to be an exciting year for female athletes in triathlon and the USA Triathlon Women’s Series is the perfect platform for them to showcase their skills.

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