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Before going into all the craziness the last month and the 10 days to come, I wanna start by thanking everybody who still reads my blog and supports my music. You’re the guys who make it possible for me to do what I love the most.

Last year the most amazing thing  happened, I finally found a label in Germany after trying really hard for a couple of years. It’s an indie label called Metalapolis Records, with the best team ever. They’re more like a family than anything, and when they started talking about a tour last year, they really stood up to their words. 

We started in Holland, then to Belgium, Germany and  Switzerland.  Finally get to live the dream I had for so long, but not without challenges! 

For 10 days, we lived in a bus with 2 other bands, Treat, the headliner and the other warm up band Dark Sky. We were 18 people!

The tour bus



After not performing for 3 years with my band I was a bit nervous before the first gig, going through the question I guess every artist does at some point “will I meet their expectations”. 

For around 8 years I used in ear monitors. Which means I can choose exactly what I hear in my plugs on the stage. You can hear everything clearer and saves your voice. 

Right when the intro was playing and I was about to get up on the stage one of my in ear plugs broke. I couldn’t hear anything on one ear and half of the stuff on the other. After 8 years, what is the chance?!

But the show must go on, and once I started singing I didn’t feel nervous anymore and ended up having a lot of fun despite the stupid in ears. 

After the shows we wouldn’t get to bed until around 2 am after loud out. A couple of hours later the bus headed for the next gig. It wasn’t easy to sleep with movement and orchestra of 16 snoring guys! 😂

“Sleeping time”

The next big challenge happened after 2 days. My tooth started aching, and not just a little bit. Like crazy much! The funny thing is that I am terrified of dentist and have avoided them for 3 years. Why now! 

The next day we went to a dentist together with my drummer who happens to be a dental assistant, so he could translate in Finnish. 

Get me out of here!!!!

While trying not to hit the dentist out of fear I tried to explain what the problem was, so did my drummer, but he didn’t listen. After what seemed like ages I was finally done. When we got back  to the bus people asked he if my tooth was better.

”Nope, he worked on the wrong tooth” 

Before the gig that evening I took a bunch of headache pills to get through the show, but afterwards the ache was back like never before.

We had a day off the next day and had a party on the bus, which was good coz because I didn’t want to be sharp in the head for the next appointment next morning.

Fortunately this dentist rocked it and and only had to go two more times to get rid of the pain.

Jake the drummer and me


Blistyar the rockstar dentist

  If someone would have asked me a if I could perform with broken in ears, big lack of sleep and a tooth ache, I would have said no. That’s what I like about challenges, they make you grow. If you can handle something well in a very difficult mode you can do anything. 

Other than this we got off pretty well, except for my guitarist who broke a rib bone. The shows went well and the audience was simply amazing!

Had a good rest in Finland for 10 days and just got back for another tour in Germany! Stay tuned! I’m gonna keep this blog going during the tour. 



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