My album is finally here!


My new album is finally about to be released the 17th of November!

This journey has been quite a roller coaster, and right now I´m doing the happy dance at the top. But it wasn´t an easy ride to get here. Let me rewind a bit and bring you back on the memorylane. 

After releasing my album in Japan, the plan was to release it in India and find a label in Europe.
We tried to combine the release with concerts in India and had a lot of maybies that eventually never happened. India is beautiful in many ways, but the paper work is a bit pain in the a**!

After being high on hopes and down on disappointments several times, the band eventually went on a break. 
It did break my heart and drove me nuts having my album on the shelf without having it released anywhere else than Japan.  

Being in a long distance relationship and not having anything holding me in Finland anymore I decided to move to the Dominican Republic, freedive, sing in bars on the beach and work as a Personal Trainer. 

Right after the decision was made I got contacted by a film festival in Los Angeles. They had seen me in a short film Eliza, and wanted me to go to LA to sing and do a sword performance, as well as host a Wellness seminar. 

Boom! The tied turned and all of a sudden you can see the city from the roller coaster again. 
I started preparing, said bye to everyone, gave away my big Boa Constrictor and packed 2 bags.
One for Los Angeles and one for the Dominican Republic where I was supposed to go straight after. 



The festival went well and met a bunch of weirdos and awesome people during my stay.
Still, out of a couple of 200, I only found a few I could trust. One of them was a producer, who invited me to do a small roll in his film. He also ended up making a music video for one of my songs on the album. We basically just went out in the desert one day with out a script and started filming. One of the best memories from LA! 




 During my trip I started getting second thoughts about moving to the Dominican Republic. I wanted to save my relationship and live close to the sea and nature, but at the same time it felt like I wasn´t done with my music and acting career. 

Before I even reached a conclusion my relationship ended like a crash in the wall. Instead of flying to the Caribbean I flew home with the tale between my legs wondering if I was a fish or a bird. I´m not gonna lie, that was the dark tunnel of the roller coaster. 

I stopped working with my manager abroad and was left with everything in my own hands. While trying to figure out my next step I kick-boxed a lot, got my snake back and started working as a personal trainer. 





Like my Kung-Fu master always tell me when I do jump kicks “you have to go down in order to jump high”. It´s the law of nature, and so I did. 

Before I knew it an Australian director, I met in LA, invited me to the film festival in Cannes.
Off I went and surprise surprise, he was very well connected in the music industry in Europe. He connected me to his friend who works for a label in Germany. During the trip I got to know both of them well, and they decided that one way or another we´re gonna get my album released!
Having people like that around you, who truly want to help you, is worth gold and diamonds, especially in this industry! 



A couple of months later I flew to Croatia to make a music video, met up with the same guys again and before going home it was decided that my album would be release worldwide through Metalapolis.

I had to hold on to the chair not to jump up on the table when I heard the news. Now I´m gonna stop the roller coaster for a good while and enjoy the city view from the top!






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