Tour in Germany

Hello guys!

The Grounded tour started with a wake up call at 2:30 AM Friday the 23d. Some hours and a couple of flights later we arrived in Nuremberg and headed to Rosenberg for our first gig. 

The warm up band, Birkett Hall was amazing and I emmediately became a new fan.

Follow the link to check them out!

To my big surprise my old friend, Kerry,  from US I haven’t seen in ages, happen to be close by and came to my gig. 

The last time I met him we flew jumped out of an airplane in San Diego. Good memories. 

The staff and the audience were so wonderful and warm-hearted. Nobody sat still and the concert was sold out.

In the middle of the gig I decided to sing a birthday song for Kerry as well as for another girl. A fun improvisation 🙂

The next day we continued to Kaiserslautern and played in an old church called Friedenskapelle. 

The pre-sales was around 20 tickets but 30 showed up. Even if the crowd was small it felt like there were way more people.

There happened to be a piano so I decided to sing the song “Leaving On a Jetplane”. The band guys never played it before but did a great job.

I also sang an acapella song in Swedish as a request from someone in the audience. 

Random but fun! 

After a couple of days of we’re just about to do the soundcheck  for our third gig at Beavers in Miltenberg. 

Stay tuned! 


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